Frequently Asked Questions

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What is royalty free Music?
Royalty free Music is a type of Music, where all people who participated in the creation of the music, are and were non-members of a collecting society like ASCAP or GEMA. This means, that no utilization-fee occurs via a collecting society, when the music is used in a project. Instead, the music is managed by the artists themselves and offered on sites like evilgrandmother.com for licensing.


Which benefits do I have by utilizing royalty free music?
This is Subject to the provider and is noted in the respective licensing agreement. With evilgrandmother.com, you receive, after a one time licensing fee, the right to use your licensed music in an unrestricted manner, without distribution or time limits and in most cases, you are even able to use the music in unlimited projects. More information can be found in the license agreement of evilgrandmother.com.

With music that is subject to a collecting society on the other hand, every single use creates licensing fees, for example with every airing on television or radio, or with every public presentation.


Are there any other fees coming my way after licensing a piece of music?
No. Once you have licensed a track from evilgrandmother.com, you are able to use the music for an unlimited time in the framework of the license agreement, and within your chosen license group. This means no regular payments for the use of the music.


Am I able to use the licensed music with multiple project at the same time?
Yes, as long as the piece of music is not marked as “project limited”. The labeling is viewable at the product page of each track, as an icon ( a circled P), next to the audio-player or as a text “project limit” in the product list. A missing text, or a crossed out “p” means, there is no project limit.


Do I have to mention the artist when I use the music in my project?
Yes, if it is technically possible and then in the manner according to the particular industry, for example in the closing credits of a video, in the video description on a video site, in the imprint of a website, or in the credits of a game.

The mentioning of the name is to be done in the following form: “Music by (mention the artists name here) @ Evilgrandmother.com” or when the artist is Evil Grandmother, “music by Evil Grandmother” or “music by Evilgrandmother.com”.


What does “the song is available as a construction kit” mean?
It means, that the music is not only available in one complete piece, but also in several parts and in differentiating lengths and variations. However construction kits are not available for all licensing groups, and not every artist has his or her music formatted this way. Which song is available as a construction kit is viewable in the product description as an Icon (a circled B) next to the audio-player.


In what formats do i get my music?
For all license groups the music is available in WAV 24bit/48kHz, AIFF 24bit/48kHz and MP3 192kb format.


I do not quite understand the filtering system.
More information about this subject can be found in the article “the music filter”, where it is explained in detail.


I did not find the right music for my project.
If you weren't able to find the music you were looking for, you can have an individual composition created for you by Evil Grandmother. For more on this, please visit the section “custom composition” and select on of the available packets.