Der Musikfilter

The filter system.
The music filter.

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In this article, i will explain, how quickly you can perform your royalty free music search with the filter system of

First overview.

Evil Grandmother Filter

Once you select a category (e.g. film music), the music filter will appear under the categories. This is according to each category, further sub-classified into several groups. In the film music category for example there are “Scene”, “Mood” and “Style”. Each group has a number of filters, in which the musical compositions are ordered.


If you choose the “Action” filter from the “Scene” group, all of the filters from the “Mood” and “Style” groups, which are not organized under the “Scene – Action” group will disappear. What will remain are the filters, with which you can refine your search.

Hint: If you want you can select multiple filters at the same time from the same group, and refine your search with the remaining filters from the other groups.

The various groups. Example film music.

The “Scene” group covers typical film scenes, which vaguely tells you which type of music you’ll find there. For instance, with the “Action” filter, musical compositions which are in line with “pursuit scenes” or “fight scenes” will be shown. That means, rhythmical, energetic, and fast musical compositions.

(Info: Currently, the unique scenes in main areas like “Action”, “Horror”, and “Emotional” have been grouped together. Those will be further classified in more precise scenes at a later point in time.)

With the filters in the “Mood” group, you choose the main mood of the music, in order to refine your choices even more.

With the filters in the “Style” group, you can determine and choose between different musical styles, in which context the music should be placed, and which musical characteristics should be attributed to it. For example, would you like your action music to have a military touch or a rather lighter and humorous touch similar to a children’s film or cartoon?

I hope this first introduction into the filter system was helpful to you. For further questions you can contact me via the contact form.