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Publish your music and earn 50% of any licensing.

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If you are a musician and create royalty free music, you can register with Evilgrandmother.com and release your music. Choose “Application for musician” as the subject in the contact form and send three of your best songs (regardless of genre).

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and enjoy the benefits.

The deal at a glance:
You keep the rights in full to your music!
50% share each time your music is licensed.
Montly payout.
Cancel anytime, until the end of the current month.
No exclusive contract.
Overview of all sales in real-time.



You are of legal age and not a member of a copyright collecting society like ASCAP. Your musical compositions are your own originals and no third party claims exist on your music either in whole or in part. Musical compositions which exist solely in the form of loops will be rejected. Loops will only be permitted as an accompaniment, in the background (e.g. drums, sound effects, or atmospheric elements), provided they are royalty free.

Furthermore, “Sound-Alike” musical compositions, i.e. musical pieces that were created in the styling of a well-known musical work, will be rejected.

What else?

You will remain the sole responsible holder of rights for your musical compositions. Evilgrandmother.com receives limited-time rights, in order to license your music to third parties, for which you will receive a 50% portion of the licensing fees monthly.

Evilgrandmother.com, by default, offers no exclusive contracts. Thus, you can release your music on competitors’ websites. Your contract can be canceled at any time before the end of the current month.

Are you interested?

Then send us three convincing pieces of music (or a link to a web page) using the contact form. Once your music has been tested on certain quality criteria you will be notified.