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Here you will find high-quality royalty free music in 24bit/48kHz DVD quality, which you can license and download immediately for your private and commercial projects.

Some of the advantages
for you:

  No time limit.

Your license is valid forever. No permanent license renewal to extend the durability.

  No distribution limit.

Whether views, clicks, downloads or DVDs, you do not pay extra for a bigger audience.

  No project limit.

Most songs can be used for several projects at the same time. Exceptions are marked in the product description.

  Fair prices.

Instead of high standard prices, individual price groups which depend on the production value of the tracks.

  Construction Kit.

In addition, the majority of our tracks are edited in several parts like intro, climax and outro for more flexibility and control.

  Customization Service.

For particular license groups your tracks will be edited fitting your project for free. More information below.

Other advantages for you:
SSL Encryption for transmission of sensitive data.
Easy payment with PayPal and Credit Card.
Instant downlad after payment
Fast download with Amazon S3 CDN.

Sophisticated standards for professional results.
Royalty free music for advanced users.

professional music

Not just in the movie industry but in every situation you deal with motion pictures it is very important, that the audio material is easily synchronized with the picture. It’s especially true for fast action scenes, with many cuts and emphasis on special events.

If the existing audio is not synchronized to the picture frequency of for example 25 pictures, the 100% synchronizing is almost impossible without tedious detailed work.

That’s why royalty free music of Evil Grandmother is synchronic to most picture standards like 25fps and 30fps (29,97). That way you can edit the video material exactly fitting certain beats of the songs, which saves a lot of work. It also works with picture frequencies like 50fps or 60fps since this are integral multiplications of already existing picture frequencies.

The respective download packages come with tutorials. All picture-synchronized tracks are marked with a circled "F" in the product description. If you don't want this feature or it is just not necessary for your project, you can use the audio material as before without taking care of picture synchronization.

Royalty free music in a construction kit. More control and flexibility.

construction kit

A very common problem of scoring is that you mostly need only a fragment of the audio material for a certain scene, for example only the middle part without the beginning and the end. Unclean fade-ins and fade-outs are often used, if you don’t have the particular fragments or stems.

At you get your royalty free music not just with the intro, middle or outro part but also in different combinations, variations, lengths and loops. Songs which are available as a construction kit are labeled with a circled "B" in the product description.

What does not fit is made to fit. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

satifaction guarantee

In addition you will get a complete unique service package for free if you purchased a product with the license "Premium" or "Business". Your licensed tracks will be altered and edited fitting your project until you are satisfied with the result.

You would like the song to be longer, shorter, louder or quieter? You want to have more or less bass? One instrument is just too dominant or you like to hear the voice-over artist better? No problem. Just go to the contact form, choose “Customization” as the subject, type in your order number and the changes you want. Done.

Please keep in mind that songs which are available for customization are labeled with a circled "A" in the product description. Recordings without individual audio tracks or which are not alterable due to their condition (like live recordings) cannot be changed.

Fair price groups instead of high standard prices
fair prices

At you don’t pay more as necessary for your royalty free music. We offer various price groups which are individually adapted to each product.

This way you will be paying less for short jingles, loops or sound effects than for long orchestral recordings with high recognition value. This means a fair and transparent pricing, which depends ib the production cost, the originality and length of the works but also the use and budget of the licensee instead of standard prices for everything.

Quality without limits and follow-up costs!
royalty free !!!

Quality is the most important criteria. Only the most talented artists can publish their works on All compositions will be analyzed after various criteria and with progressive tools to offer you maximum quality.

License, download and forget about it. At you don’t need to worry about expiring licenses or rising audience figures because:

  • Each license group is unlimited in time.
  • You get a construction kit, which facilitates the use.
  • No download, click or distribution limit. Audience figures don’t matter.
  • No follow-up costs after licensing.
  • Even the multiple use in several projects for our royalty free music is mostly permitted.